Mission - 1888 serves as a regional catalyst for the preservation, presentation, and promotion of cultural heritage and literary arts.  We develop educational programs, produce collaborative projects, and publish relevant literature from around the world to enrich our diverse neighborhoods and engage the national community.

Dedicated to the creative traditions of our local history, we use the literary arts as a foundation for increasing education and literacy with meaningful opportunities—both online and offline—that will engage readers, support writers, and inspire a cultural legacy for future generations.

Vision - Establish a lasting cultural center in Old Towne Orange, CA, and transform the City into the Literary Arts Capital of Southern California.

Routineology - Accepted all year
Summer Writing Project - Accepted July 1 through August 31
The Cost of Paper - Accepted September 1 through October 31
The Plaza Literary Prize - Accepted March 1 through April 30
Why We Write - Accepted all year

Terms and Conditions

A project-based study of creative routine featuring writer-produced videos, photos, and essays. From inspiration to realization this vulnerable analysis of writing reveals familiar patterns of ambition and apprehension. Share your process and join the conversation. 

  1. Write a 200-word essay describing your routine.
  2. Record a 30-second video documenting your routine or capture 1 photo detailing your routine.
  3. Submit via Submittable.

When the task of writing grows inevitably arduous—and seemingly thankless—we must remember why we started. Inspired by George Orwell’s 1946 essay “Why I Write,” this introspective column highlights our motives for writing. Share your story and join the conversation.

  1. Write a 500-word essay explaining why you write.
  2. Submit via Submittable.