1888 Center


Workshop Instructor

The purpose of this memorandum is to establish a collaboration between 1888 Center, hereafter referred to as 1888, and a workshop instructor, hereafter referred to as Instructor, for the common goal of growing and supporting the arts in Orange County.  

1. 1888 will:

  • Provide marketing for the workshop, which may include the following channels: 

          Monthly email newsletter – 11,950 Subscribers as of July 6, 2018

          Website – 87,197 Pageviews as of July 6, 2018

          Facebook – 697,573 Facebook Total Reach as of July 6, 2018

          Additional Social media presence across Instagram and Twitter.

  • Host Instructor’s workshop at our center to underscore our unique partnership in championing literary arts, as well as its intersections with other disciplines.
    • Limited supply of Complimentary tickets available upon at Instructor’s request.

2. Instructor will provide: 

We want interactive and engaging learning experiences focused on the arts. To that end, Instructor’s workshop may include but is not limited to: lecture and discussion themed around the arts, a hands-on lesson or instruction promoting learning and growth for attendees, or any other appropriate Instructor-led programming. Please include the following information about the workshop:

  • Title of workshop.
  • A description of the workshop. 
  • Instructor bio. 
  • Professional headshot. 
  • Proposed time and or frequency of the workshop. 
  • Ticket price. 
  • Marketing for the workshop:
    • Website, newsletters, emails, etc.
    • Social media presence across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
    • Recommendations for potential partners or platforms to help spread the word.

3. It is understood and agreed that:

  1. There will be a 50/50 split on gross ticket sales, with the price to be mutually agreed upon by Instructor and 1888.
    1. Payment will be distributed via check made payable to Instructor no later than 30 days after the workshop was held. 
  2. The Workshop Instructor hereby acknowledges the accessibility limitations due to the historic building 1888’s center is located in and will plan for and accommodate these limitations to the extent possible. 
  3. Instructor may cancel a workshop only with 48 hours written notice in advance. 

Please submit this form if you would like to host a workshop or a series of workshops at 1888 Center.