The lender certifies that the objects are in good condition and will withstand ordinary strains of packing and transportation. Artwork transported by the lender will be at the expense of the lender. Artwork will be returned packed in the same or similar materials as received. Any artwork loaned to 1888 Center will be returned to the lender within 30 days or upon a reasonable notice after the close of the exhibition. Reasonable notice is considered seven to thirty days. If work cannot be delivered or is not picked up within 30 days through no fault of 1888 Center, the work shall be deemed an unrestricted gift to 1888 Center.

Artwork transported by the lender is insured from the time of arrival at 1888 Center until the time of pick-up by the lender. The lender agrees that, in the event of loss or damage, recovery shall be limited to such amount, if any, as may be paid by the insurer, hereby releasing the 1888 Center and its employees from liability for any and all claims arising out of such loss or damage. In the event of partial loss or damage, 1888 Center’s liability shall be limited to the cost of repair or restoration or any resulting loss in fair market value.

Artwork will be visually inspected upon receipt and any noticeable damage will be documented. Evidence of damage to objects while in 1888 Center’s custody will be reported immediately to the lender. 1888 Center staff will place, install, light and provide signage for the artwork.

1888 Center assumes the right to photograph and reproduce photographs of the artwork and/or artist for educational and publicity purposes and for use in any printed material produced related to the exhibition.

Artwork cannot be withdrawn from an exhibition by the lender at any time during its exhibition. In the event of a sale, 1888 Center will pay to the artist a 50% commission based on the sale price of the artwork. A W-9 form is required for payment.

The lender acknowledges that she/he has the full power to make this loan and has read the conditions above and agrees to abide by said conditions. Any arrangements other than the above must be agreed to in writing at the time of the contract performance.